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Task: Export Web Map Task

Display Name: Export Web Map Task

Description: This Export Web Map Task takes the state of the web application (for example, included services, layer visibility settings, client-side graphics, and so forth) and returns either (a) a page layout or (b) a map without page surrounds of the specified area of interest in raster or vector format.The input for Export Web Map is a piece of text in JavaScript object notation (JSON) format describing the layers, graphics, and other settings in the web map. The JSON must be structured according to the WebMap specification in the ArcGIS HelpThis tool is shipped with ArcGIS Server to support web services for printing, including the preconfigured service named PrintingTools. The ArcGIS web APIs for JavaScript, Flex, and Silverlight use the PrintingTools service to generate images for simple map printing.The PrintingTools service uses a model containing the Export Web Map tool.


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Execution Type: esriExecutionTypeSynchronous


Supported Operations:   Execute Task